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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infant Class

Our infant program at Kids' Choice Academy is for children from 6 weeks to 12 months.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment where infants can build trust in themselves and those who care for them.  Infant highlights include: age-appropriate toys, games, and music, nurturing personal care, stimulating activities, independent play and exploration, daily reports home for each infant, and encouragement to learn, grow, and discover at the child's own pace.

​Toddler Class

Our toddler program at Kids' Choice Academy is for children from 12 months to 2 years old.  This program provides your child with daily activities that specifically focus on developing cognitive, physical, social, language, and self help skills.  Toddler program highlights include: activities led by children's skills and interests, stories, songs, and games to prepare your child for preschool by developing their understanding of language, vocabulary, new concepts, movements, and sensory motor skills, weekly themed units that provide interesting topics throughout the year, and periodic conferences to keep you informed of your child's progress.

Preschool 1 Class

Our Preschool 1 program serves students from 2 to 3 years of age.  This program uses a structured curriculum which includes hands-on and enrichment activities for the children.  Our Preschool 1 students work on learning math skills, which include numbers, sorting, sequencing, counting, and simple additions.  They also learn to begin journal writing.  Students in this class also work on learning the Spanish language and take a computer class.  Additionally, these students are exposed to arts and crafts.

Preschool 2 Class

Our Preschool 2 program is designed for students between 3 and 4 years of age.  This program meets the developmental needs of preschool children by focusing on developmentally appropriate early literacy and pre-writing skills.  Highlights of the Preschool 2 program include: learning centers, learning activities spaced throughout the day to provide a full and balanced schedule, extra-curricular activities such as music, karate, dance, piano lessons, and gymnastics, multicultural activities, and a young writer's workshop.  These students work on math skills such as, numbers, simple additions and subtractions, sorting, and sequencing.  They also learn letters, language arts, journal writing, Spanish language, and participate in technology class in our computer lab.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Our Pre-Kindergarten class is designed for students who are turning five, but not yet enrolled in kindergarten.  In this program, these students learn how to write their names, addresses, and more.  They work on reading simple words, including the sight words required by kindergarten standards in the state of New Jersey.  They learn math skills such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  They also learn basic computer word processing and Spanish language skills.  This class is meant to challenge these students and thoroughly prepare them to enter kindergarten.

We also offer Before and After Care for school-age students through the third grade.  These students receive transportation to and from public schools in the Egg Harbor Township School District by the Egg Harbor Township Transportation Department.  When they arrive at Kids' Choice Academy after school, they receive help with homework from a degreed teacher. 

Before and After Care


Our Kinder-Split program is for our 5 to 6 year old students.  In this program, these students attend a half-day Kindergarten in the Egg Harbor Township School District, and spend the rest of their day here at Kids' Choice Academy.  These students are able to complete their homework with guidance from our qualified teachers.  Their academic day is extended and reinforced at Kids' Choice Academy.


Our Young Explorers program is for children 6 years and older.  These students also complete their homework at specified times with qualified teachers.  Our young explorers are challenged with different titles from our library.  We intend to stregnthen the skills they are learning and prepare them for their academic career.


All students enrolled in our Before and After Care Programs are able to receive transportation between Kids' Choice Academy and the Egg Harbor Township Public Schools from the Egg Harbor Township School District Transportation Department.

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